Oct 19th, 20th- Commercial shoot for Sobey’s

Oct 17th- Commercial shoot for Remax

September 19th- Commercial shoot for Tim Hortons

Aug 22nd- Commercial shoot for Always Discreet

June 20th- Commercial shoot for Gund

June 1st, 2019- Niagara Falls (with Gordon Hendricks)

May 30th- Commercial shoot (Circle K)

May 22nd- Shoot for “Christmas Recipe for Romance” MOW

May 11th, 2019- Belleville (with Matt Cage)

May 1st-4th, 2019- Gatineau, Quebec (with the Casino Brothers)

April 26, 27, 28th- Niagara Falls Elvis Festival (House band with the Casino Brothers)

April 6th- Commercial shoot (Neuriva)

February- Shoot for “See No Evil” TV show

December- Shoot for “Paranormal 911” TV show

Oct. 26th, 2018- Toronto (with Gerie & the Coasters

Oct 24th- Shoot for Philadelphia dip commercial

Oct 20th-21st, 2018- Flaming Star Elvis Festival, Mississauga

Oct. 6th, 2018- Kingston (with Matt Cage)

Oct. 3rd, 4th, 5th- Shoot for Nintendo commercial

August 23rd- Shoot for IBAC commercial

April 20th-22nd, 2018- Niagara Falls Elvis Festival

March 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th- Shoot for “Here’s Ginger!” web series (written/dir. by Michele Kaye)

Jan 22nd-25th, 2018- Shoot for “Fear Thy Neighbour” TV show (Discovery)

Dec 16th 2017: Cambridge (with Tim “E”)

Dec 9th 2017: Toronto (with The Casino Brothers)

Nov 11th 2017: Kingston (with Matt Cage)

Nov 10th 2017: Shoot for TD travel rewards commercial

Oct 28th 2017: Toronto (private event)

Oct 23rd 2017: Shoot for web series “Here’s Ginger!”

Oct 21st 2017: Niagara Falls (with Gordon Hendricks)

Oct 14-15 2017: Mississauga (Flaming Star Elvis Festival)

Oct 12th 2017: Belleville (with Gordon Hendricks)

Sept 28th 2017: Shoot for Monster Mortgage commercial

Sept 23rd 2017: St Catherines (with Jay Zanier)

Aug 26-27 2017: Tweed Elvis Festival (house band)

Aug 16th: Shoot for “He and Me” (short film, written & directed by Michele Kaye)

July 29th 2017: Blue Mountain Resort (with Gerie and the Coasters)

July 28th 2017: Collingwood Legion (with Gerie and the Coasters)

July 21st: Shoot for “Fight!” (feature film, dir: Jason Lupish)

May 19th-21st 2017: Niagara Falls Elvis Festival (house band)

May 18th 2017: Sudbury (with The Casino Brothers)

May 17th 2017: Orillia (with The Casino Brothers)

May 13th 2017: St Catherines (with Jay Zanier)

Dec. 6th-April 6th 2017: Resident Jazz vocalist at Sofitel Legend Metropole in Hanoi, Vietnam.

March 29th 2017: Recording jingle/voice-over for Mamamy baby brand commercial.

OCT. 22nd 2016: Kingston (with Matt Cage)

SEPT. 24th 2016: Belleville (with Matt Cage)

AUG. 20th-21st 2016: Tweed Elvis Festival. Tweed, Ontario (with the Casino Brothers)

AUG. 2nd 2016:  Canal Days, Port Colborne, Ontario (with Tim E)

JULY 30th 2016: Waupoos Winery

JULY 22nd-23rd 2016: Collingwood Elvis Festival

JULY 8th-9th 2016: Kitchener (with the Casino Brothers)

JUNE 30th 2016: Etobicoke Rib Fest (with Matt Cage)

MARCH 30th 2016: Recording for Sheridan Animation grad short film

OCT 3rd 2015: The Grand Theatre (with Matt Cage). Kingston, Ontario

SEPT 19th 2015: The Empire Theatre (with Matt Cage). Belleville, Ontario

SEPT 18th 2015: Private Party. Windsor, Ontario

AUG 22nd-23rd 2015: Tweed Elvis Festival (with the Casino Brothers) Tweed, Ontario

AUG 3rd 2015: Port Colborne, Ontario (with Tim E)

AUG 1st 2015: Waupoos Winery (with the Casino brothers band)

JULY 23th-26th, 2015: Collingwood Elvis Festival (back-up vocalist with the festival house band) in Collingwood, Canada

MAY 12th-JULY 12th 2015: Resident jazz vocalist at The Shangri La Far Eastern Plaza. Taipei, Taiwan

APRIL 25th, 2015: Shoot for “The Rise and Fall” (Short Film). Dir: Serje Basi

FEB 7th, 2015: Chrysler Theatre (with Tim ‘E’ Hendry) in Windsor, On. Canada

JAN 10th, 2015: Live Act Theatre (with the Casino Brothers) in Whitby, On. Canada

DEC 12th, 2014: London Music Hall (back-up vocalist for Tim ‘E’ Hendry) in London, On. Canada

DEC 8th 2014: Dunfield Theatre (back-up vocalist for Pete Paquette) in Cambridge, On. Canada

DEC 6th 2014: Academy Theatre for Performing Arts (back-up vocalist for Tim ‘E’ Hendry) in Lindsay, On. Canada

DEC 5th 2014: Orillia Opera House (back-up vocalist for Tim ‘E’ Hendry) in Orillia, On. Canada

NOV 29th 2014: Lighthouse Festival Theatre (back-up vocalist for Pete Paquette) in Port Dover, On. Canada

OCT 17th 2014: Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts (with the Casino Brothers) in Richmond Hill, On. Canada

OCT 11th 2014: Gallipeau Centre Theatre (with the Casino Brothers) in Smith Falls, On. Canada

OCT 10th 2014: Harmony Creek Community Centre (with the Casino Brothers) in Oshawa, On. Canada

OCT 4th 2014: Milton Centre for the Arts (back-up vocalist for Pete Paquette) in Milton, On. Canada

OCT 2nd 2014: Centrepointe Theatre (back-up vocalist for Pete Paquette) in Ottawa, On. Canada

SEPT 27th 2014: Algonquin Theatre (back-up vocalist for Pete Paquette) in Huntsville, On. Canada

SEPT 26th 2014: King’s Warf Theatre (back-up vocalist for Pete Paquette) in Penetanguishene, On. Canada

SEPT 20th 2014: The Empire Theatre (back-up vocalist for Matt Cage) in Belleville, On. Canada

AUG 23-24th 2014: Tribute to Elvis Festival (with the Casino Brothers) in Tweed, On. Canada

JULY 17th 2014: Sears Commercial shoot (Sons and Daughters Productions) in Toronto, On. Canada

JAN 15th- APRIL 30th 2014: Resident vocalist at Park Hyatt Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

DEC 29th 2013-JAN. 4th 2014: Performances at Palm Garden Resort in Hoi An, Vietnam

NOV 8th 2013: Midland Cultural Centre- performance with the Maisies- Midland, On. Canada

NOV 6th 2013: Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts- performance with The Maisies- Brantford, On. Canada

OCT 16th 2013: Voice-over recording- Maltese Media

SEPT 27th 2013: Tim ‘E’ and the Yes Men. Performance at The Old Mill in Toronto, Canada.

SEPT 25th 2013: Voice-over recording – Maltese Media

SEPT 18th 2013: Shoot for Kanda Optical Commercial

AUG 27th 2013: Tim ‘E’ and the Yes Men in Niagra Falls. Performance at Greg Frewan Theatre

AUG 3rd 2013: Waupoos Estates Winery. Performance with the Casino Brothers Band

JULY 25th-28th 2013: Collingwood Elvis Festival performance with the house band, the Casino Brothers

JUNE 22nd 2013: Tropfest New York short film festival. “Wet Dreams” Official Selection

APRIL 2013: Shoot for “Wet Dreams” (Dir: Tim Blackburn)

DEC 17th, 2012: Bi Bim Bap Restaurant- Michele Kaye Trio performance. Toronto, Canada

DEC 14th, 2012: Liberty Grand (with The Maisies)- Toronto, Canada

NOV. 2012: Shoot and screening of “The Big Dopey Detective” as part of the 48 Hour Film Challenge. Winner of Audience Choice Award.

APRIL-JUNE 2012: Residency at Shangri-La China World Hotel- Beijing, China

FEB 2011- JAN 2012: Residency at Taj Palace Hotel- Delhi, India (Performed for US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the Orient Express Restaurant in New Delhi India. July 2011)

AUG-NOV 2010: Residency at Taj Lands End- Mumbai, India

2009-2010: Rex Hotel and Jazz club- Performances with The Maisies. Toronto, Canada

FEB 19th-22nd 2009: Touchmark Theatre- Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (Dir: Douglas Beattie)

OCT. 2009: Shoot for “True Crime” Season 2 (Cineflix)

SEPT. 2009: Shoot for “Project: Date” Commercial

AUG. 2009: Shoot for “Marina Boys” Pilot (Dir: Jane Sowerby)

JULY- SEPT 2008: Celebrity Cruises- Mercury. Performances with The Elk Island Quartet

FEB 2008: Celebrity Cruises- Summit. Performances with The Elk Island Quartet

JUNE 2006-JAN 2007: Celebrity Cruises- Mercury. Performances with The Elk Island Duo

MAY 18th 2006: Edge Club- Tokyo, Japan. Mischa Kaye performance (with Monica Wu)

MAY 10th 2006: Cozmos Cafe- Tokyo, Japan. Mischa Kaye performance

MAY 6th 2006: Sakura House- Tokyo, Japan. Mischa Kaye performance

FEB 15th 2006: Clinton’s Tavern- Toronto, Canada. Mischa Kaye performance

AUG 2003-APRIL 2004: Disney Cruises- Wonder. Disney Dreams, The Golden Mickeys (Original Cast- Directed by Diane Paulus), Hercules the Muse-Icle

Various gigs in clubs, private parties, jazz festivals and events from 2004-present.

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